Room to Read library program

(supported by room to read USA)

Modern education system is evolving rapidly. While the students of the metros and other cities are adopting to the international boards, kids of the villages staying deprived even from the basic education and dependent upon government supplies for everything. Only going through the text books will not prepare them for the future world.

Project “Room to Read” is for the children, who are going to the schools; however, not getting enough exposure in terms of knowledge and information to face the outside world. Reading books and educational stuff outside of curriculum would enhance their level of education and outlook as well.

Having a library in the village is as essential as the school, which provide the children access to the latest news, views and information happening across the globe. The project is aimed at raising the confidence level of the students as far as reading and writing is concerned. The children would grow manifold in their knowledge in terms of improvement in their language skill, general knowledge, reading and vocabulary etc.

Objective of the Project

  • Inculcate a habit of reading and writing among the children
  • Provide external knowledge apart from text books
  • Create learning and reading environment
  • Create interest in creative work
  • Overall development of children at school level
  • Ensuring children have the access of reading material.

    Working Strategy (At school level)

    Village education committees have been formed in all schools, which serves as a platform to interact with the parents and teachers alike. Awareness creation activities were conducted to educate the parents and villagers regarding necessity of good library in their villages. Sensitisation of the school teacher were conducted as part of an effective triggering activity that helped a lot in propelling the pace of the project. Regular meetings were organised with all the stakeholders to judge and gauge the impact of the efforts made.

    Activities Undertaken

    A number of activities were carried out as mentioned below during the implementation of the project.

    • Manage library operation as per routines
    • Maintain Stock registration and books.
    • Maintain Check in and checkout register
    • Training and orientation program for staff, school teachers and village education committee, facilitators and supervisors
    • Educational tour for children in summer/winter vacations
    • Regular meeting with parents and school teachers
    • Monitoring and evaluation for facilitator, supervisor
    • Meeting with district Education officers
    • Celebration of important days – Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc.
    • Organize monthly meeting with staff and share information
    • Annual assessment of children
    • Evaluate the program efficiency in regular intervals
    • Evaluate the working of the staff according to guidelines and requirements

    Sustainability Plan & Withdrawal

    • Capacity building of all the school staff, teachers is done so that they can smoothly run the program
    • The parents have been sensitized to contribute to the program and support the library financially for maintenance of the library
    • More than 2400 students, 98 teachers and 8 facilitators have been trained for book keeping, and maintaining the records of the school library

    Program Outcome

    • The children have become more capable in learning with improved reading and writing ability
    • The level of the children improved with upgraded knowledge
    • The collection of books enhanced the children’s ability to think analytically
    • Students showed improved participation in various school level activities
    • Increased enrolment and retention of children in school
    • Understanding of other skills, and get extra knowledge