Asha Plus

Supported by: USAID (United States Agency for International Development)

Access to basic healthcare facilities in the far flung hilly areas is a big concern. Availability of dispensaries and doctors is again a distant dream. In such a scenario, the people of the hills are bound to cover kilometres-long journey when some health urgency appear. The “Asha Plus” project supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) proved to be a stepping stone in making basic health facilities, emotional care, family planning and child care accessible to 167 village Panchayats.

KAGAS trained 218 Asha workers in a 25-Days Residential Training program so that they become saviours for the people of these village Panchayats as and when needed. In addition, KAGAS also organised 25 health camps in different locations in Uttarakhand

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The success of the “Asha Plus” project was continued in the entire state of Uttarakhand. The Asha workers of all the 13 districts of the state were trained in the same pattern to extend the same benefits to all the panchayats of the state. This has come as a big blessing for the people of the remote villages of Uttarakhand, who were earlier struggling for initial health assistance at a time they needed.





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