Community Based Economic Development

A growing community has to be economically independent and self-reliant. For this to ensure, each and every family in the community should be empowered enough to make their livelihood through a regular and steady means of earning so that they meet their ends as well as save a portion for the future. Through the Community-based Economic Development project, KAGAS has helped more than 3000 families in the various districts of Uttarakhand earn a steady income every month.

Now the average fund mobilization of these groups accounts to
We mobilized the community members to form Self Help Groups (SHGs), Savings and Credit Groups and trained them to grow off-season vegetables, which can fetch them good earning. To ensure that they are able better to market their produce, the members were trained on grading their produce and various linkages were established. Where they can sell at a fair value. Through Cooperatives, these community farmers have streamlined production, quality assurance, marketing and logistics and are able to generate good income on a regular basis.
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Now the average fund mobilization of these groups accounts to
INR 1, 30,000
through saving and credit groups and cooperatives.

No. of Beneficiaries
3000 Families